Yoga is a global experience. It crosses all walks of life, age and geographic location. This 2000 year old practice is nothing less than a global mind shift from all that is outside of yourself to cultivating a mindful presence in this moment. I still struggle with what in yoga is called “monkey mind” or a constant state of being somewhere else in my thoughts, past and future included.  I faithfully come back to my mat and discover a clarity, a clearing, a deep sense of well-being. I become better at just letting go and observing my thoughts. I volunteer for Advize Health – a small, woman owned healthcare auditing company that literally wants to change the world. They strive to bring mindfulness of principle and ethics to all their audit and advisory role services with providers, payers and government. It’s a bold mission, as we all know the fraud and waste that our healthcare system is riddled with. It touches us directly and affects us personally – there are only so many resources to go around. When I saw how quickly they embraced whole-person wellness…(I think you know how I am going to finish this sentence), yes, they were the first to create a synergy of yoga and auditing called YogAuditing that would simply embrace wellness and could easily be executed for just about everyone in all environments. It now pushes up against a global embrace of yoga therapy and it’s applications to enhance western medicines.

The folks at Advize Health got this one right.

Quick to implement and bring mainstream all the benefits of yoga to everyone they interact with and serve. More and more medical research is showing how yoga aids in recovery (even our Veterans are starting to utilize it for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) from highly stressful situations and improves overall health and vitality. It serves all ages and is equally beneficial to the young and the old. Yoga integrates the body, mind and spirit. The physical list of attributes continues to grow from anti depression, anxiety, auto-immune disorders, arthritis as well as just aging. It brings with it an expanded awareness and focus that enhances our health and our health choices such as food and sleep. We integrate the idea of ‘Wholeness.”

Why wouldn’t companies, leaders, or individuals bring this journey of self-discovery, healing and wholeness to their employees, friends and customers? Those like myself who have incorporated yoga as part of life’s foundation understand the profound physical, psychological and spiritual aspects. It helps the practitioner to gently move from the ego to the silent mind and to discover what really matters most on life’s journey. I guess it really was no accident that I am a part of the Advize Health team. I invite you to join us. Yoga is a revolution, an evolution. It’s virtually unstoppable.

This article, written by an Advize Health team member and Yoga enthusiast is the first in a series that will help you answer the question: What Is YogAuditing?

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