This week Consumer Reports posted “How to Save Money Now” which shared  tactics that can help all of us spend less on everything.

Inflation has been rising faster now than it has in 40 years and this has caused many of us to work hard to lower our monthly bills from cell phone to insurance and groceries.  Consumer Reports outlined 4 main points and our favorite is Slash a Big Medical Bill. 

“After hospital care, you can also call and ask a billing specialist whether the facility offers financial assistance. According to the American Hospital Association, about half of U.S. hospitals are nonprofit. This means they are required to offer free or discounted services in some instances. This is usually reserved for low- to moderate-income patients who have limited or no health insurance, but requirements vary from hospital to hospital, says Jared Walker, founder of the nonprofit Dollar For, which helps people apply for such help.”

Other tips and tools are here

By Jeanmarie Loria