The work performed by Advize Health is enacted with insurance providers and patients in mind. Protecting providers and patients from fraud, waste, abuse, and unnecessary use of money are among our priorities, and our team of auditors works hard to deliver the best results.   Every facet of coding and auditing is important, because the end results are a culmination of efforts by office workers, doctors, medical coders, auditors, and QA specialists. In the health care field, it is important to approach every venture with a holistic grasp on every party’s perspective – and our coding auditor Daniell Bugbee is doing just that.

Daniell was the manager of a dental office for twelve years before becoming an Advize auditor, and was presented with a myriad of problems between patient’s insurance and the doctors involved. The position called for fee negotiations, requested higher rates on fees, and fighting for the doctor’s requests. Being immersed in the profit-centric part of the coding world can be exhausting, where little success is equated with smaller incredibly discouraging and deflating. The fair payment for doctors is an important concept, but protecting patients from incurring unnecessary costs is work that also needs to be done for the betterment of the healthcare system. Daniell wondered if a shift into auditing   would be more rewarding – as even a small victory is a step in the fight direction for patients.

The transformation in mindset, from “we must protect our doctors” to “we must protect everyone” proved to be challenging, but the experience in the dental office helped Daniell identify common trends and problems that many in-office coders are responsible for. Auditing is truly rewarding work, where any experience is good experience. Advize Health is proud to have such diversified experiences among us, because it allows our auditors to fix errors that they may have made in the past. Auditors are champions for all: insurance providers, patients, and physicians – seeking fairness in payments and precision of record-keeping, encouraging all to work harder and be fairer.