A pandemic is wreaking havoc across the globe. The healthcare system is layered in bureaucracy that stagnates progress and stonewalls idealism. Sometimes, it seems like the fight is futile…but it’s not. What healthcare needs is a disrupter (or disruptor, depending on your preference), and lucky for us, there are already several making waves in the market. From employee benefits to patient support to claims analysis and fraud detection, the healthcare industry is ripe with revolutionary ideas, companies, and people who work every day to push the needle forward.

If you focus on the negative long enough, that’s all you’ll see – and Advize Health doesn’t want that for you. We want to disrupt the market, help you cut costs, and see the goodness all around. The healthcare community is full of tremendous organizations and individuals. In light of these challenging times, we thought it would be important to focus on the good, to find the helpers.

Here are just a few of many disrupters making us proud to work in healthcare.

Dawn Cornelis, Co-Founder of ClaimInformatics, Ltd., is a passion leader in the program integrity space and has been on the forefront of cost containment for years. Dawn has dedicated her career to the discovery and recovery of improper payments through advanced analytics and informatics.

Derek Moore, Chief Growth Officer,  Advanced Medical Strategies is at the forefront of lowering clients’ health care costs while maximizing efficiencies. AMS created a strategic intelligence software to gain better visibility into complex claims, solving affordability issues specifically in Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Catastrophic Diagnoses, and Medical Implants. This tool empowers the community with knowledge.

Jeanne Pinder, Founder and CEO of ClearHealthCosts is working towards achieving true transparency when it comes to the cost of healthcare. Her TED talk about fixing healthcare’s cost problem has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

Crain’s New York Business recognized a number of incredible women in the technology industry who are breaking barriers and disrupting all markets, from healthcare to real estate.

Kara Trott, CEO and Founder of Quantum Health is committed to helping others navigate the complexities of healthcare. Her mission to provide stewardship to those seeking clarity on benefits, costs, and healthcare literacy is changing the way the public views care.

The brains behind Accolade are working towards offering solutions for individualized support, helping correct and amend challenges with benefits, care coordination, and more. Accolade is offering holistic population health management solutions to better the industry.

Beyond individuals and organizations working towards actionable solutions, others have developed resources to support the public in their time of need. These websites provide immediate insight or support to the general public and are invaluable assets to the global community.

Wana (we are not alone) is a community platform designed to offer those with chronic or invisible illnesses an opportunity to connect with others, access hope, advice and guidance. The application can be download on SmartPhones to offer support anywhere, anytime.

HealthRosetta offers objective solutions to healthcare problems in a simplistic website that shows employers how to save money when it comes to their health benefit offerings.

RIP Medical Debt uses donations and public support to eradicate medical debt by the millions. Just $100 donation can forgive $10,000 in medical debt.

There is good all around, but we can always use more. Do you know someone disrupting the industry? We want you to tell us all about them.