For a long time, ICD-10 was regarded as a nightmare for healthcare providers and their billing teams. The healthcare industry “woke up” and eventually embraced the reality of ICD-10, only to be faced with another monster; MACRA.

This Halloween, we’re taking it back to more simple times and exploring the spookiest ICD-10 codes you’ll ever encounter.

  1. Y92.89derelict or doomed house as place of occurrence. We’re thinking Amityville Horror for this one.
  2. Y92.86slaughterhouse as the place of occurrence. I think it’s safe to say we all know exploring slaughterhouses late at night never ends well…
  3. R44.0auditory hallucinations. Feeling haunted by an unwelcomed voice? It could be a ghost, or it could be this code.
  4. X99.2assault by sword or dagger. Victims of Michael Myers have seen this code a time or two.
  5. F40.29 – other specified phobia; Fear of Clowns. We hear that they’re working on an IT remake. It might be Pennywise of you to avoid that one.
  6. W29.3XXAcontact with a chain saw. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre might be ringing your bell with this code.
  7. F20.9 – schizophrenia. Another explanation for Jack’s…curious behavior in The Shining.
  8. F51. 5Nightmare disorder. Common causes include living in a haunted house, and the impending implementation of MACRA.
  9. L68.9 – hypertrichosis. This disorder is commonly referred to as “werewolf syndrome” and can be seen in The Wolfman.
  10. F43.0acute stress response. Here is another nightmarish code that can be attributed to MACRA.

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