In Connecticut, Healthcare is Expensive

December 9, 2022

Connecticut expensive healthcare

We know that our country pays more for worse health outcomes than most comparable nations, however, do we know which state is most expensive? Well I was surprised to learn Connecticut is among the most expensive states in which to receive health care. 

According to statistics from the Kaiser Family Foundation, Connecticut spends $12,500 per person on health care versus the national average of around $10,000.  This is not a get what you pay for scenario.  Paying more does not drive longer lives or better quality of life.  Higher cost does not translate to better outcomes.  There are a number of reasons that drive the cost from in-patient and out-patient to pharmacy costs. 

Read more about the health care industry stakeholder discussion in Hartford:

Stakeholders: Health Care Is Expensive And Outcomes Aren’t Better Than In Most Comparable Nations

By Jeanmarie Loria

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