The New York Times article “A Single Ohio Hospital Reveals All That’s Wrong With American Health Care” begs the question – how can citizens of the richest nation in history allow loved ones to die because we can’t afford lifesaving medication, like insulin, while C.E.O.’s of for-profit hospitals earn millions per year?

Again, we take this to our high school intern to say “read this” and give us your thoughts.  Simply put:

Wow, that’s insanity. I read it and the main thought I gathered is that our country has somehow warped such a simple idea as healing into a money maker. Big corps and elitists have turned a system of health and prosperity into a business. They’ve lowered the quality and the necessary tools while simultaneously profiting off of sick people. It’s such a tragedy that people who are dying for help, cannot access it without a big enough wallet. We have no right to put a price on life, and being able to see another day shouldn’t have to drive someone to debt. The healthcare system has taken and will continue to take advantage of people in need.”

While on a flight up to New Jersey to see clients this past week I started listening to The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care–And How to Fix It by Dr. Marty Makary.  Listening to the stories and take aways from Dr. Makary’s visits with people in 22 cities across the country told poignant stories about how people are affected by the high costs of health care. 

We will be gracing you with our favorites over the next few weeks.