That’s exactly what Advize Health vowed to do in last week’s newsletter. The coronavirus pandemic has rattled industries across the world. With social isolation as the primary effort the population can make to flatten the curve, so to speak, conferences such as HIMSS2020 were cancelled, or postponed. This got us thinking about cost. The cost of attendance, the cost of travel, the cost of this virus, and how we could help.

We asked you, the healthcare community, to help brainstorm ideas on how we could pay it forward and donate our conference funds to a good cause – or several of them. From LinkedIn to private submissions, our network delivered. Here are few of the many ideas we received on how to best spend our conference budget:

  1. Donating the funds to those who will be left without income as a result of event cancellations.
  2. Dispersing the cash through purchases at local businesses that will be affected by social isolation and the virus.
  3. Pay off school lunch debts for children.
  4. Donate to charity or agencies that provide access to vaccinations.
  5. Funding a public service announcement on COVID-19 and how the public can protect themselves and others.
  6. Funding testing for patients who would otherwise not be able to afford COVID-19 testing.
  7. Donating to Hope for the Warriors and the American Diabetes Association.
  8. Support Doctors Without Borders
  9. Offer assistance to Helen Keller International
  10. Donate to Deworm The World Initiatives
  11. Purchasing supplies for local animal shelters.
  12. Contribute to Meals on Wheels
  13. Donate to hospitals or medical clinics in need of supplies, ventilators, or assistance.

We’ve made our contributions, and now we’re asking you to join us. Pick a worthy cause and donate. Take the cost of attendance and make a mass contribution to one or support multiple charities or causes. It doesn’t matter how much – if you can give a little, do it.

When you make your donation, we invite you to let us know in private via email (if you’re shy!) or on LinkedIn. Together we can grow our community to help others both in and out of our space.

So, we’ll ask one last time. Join us?