I decided to give Dan Leslie, the new Director of Business Development at Advize Health, no other choice but to let me bug him for a few minutes…

What were you doing before you joined Advize?

I was doing some biz dev consulting work, a little investment management, and had been working on a patient focused fraud, waste and abuse technology solution.

What brought you to Advize? Did Jeanmarie force you to work here? It’s ok you can tell me.

I met Jeanmarie about 8 or 9 years ago at….wait for it…..a conference in Orlando, or maybe it was Vegas? Could have been LA. Anyway, she visited our booth and pretended to be interested but I noticed she kept walking away with my clients. I figured I’d eventually have to work at Advize.

So, speaking of the world renowned conference crasher attender, when was the last time you worked incredibly hard?

I live in the Pacific Northwest and I recently had 5 large Douglas Fir trees cut down in my yard.  I spent weeks splitting logs for firewood and spreading bark chips. Fortunately, my local hardware store was able to line me up with the appropriate, top of the line attire from flannel shirts and steel toe boots to one of those faux beaver pelt caps. Even though I looked the part, I’ve never struggled so hard in my life. My lumberjacking days are over.

Oof, sounds brutal. In that case, what do you like to do in your free time, like when you aren’t business developing or advertising Brawny paper towels?

I love to golf, bike, run, hike and just get outdoors. I play a little music, piano and trumpet mostly, and I’m no stranger to a pint or two of some of the great craft brews in my local area.

Lightning round!

  • Dogs or Cats? Dogs
  • Cake or Pie? Pizza pie
  • Hamburger or Taco? Taco
  • Blue or Red? Green! (I see what you did there)
  • Pancake or Waffle? Waffle
  • Ninjas or Pirates? Pirates
  • Last TV show you binged? Peaky Blinders
  • Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee? Is the Iced Coffee “hot” or “cold”? (That’s cold, I do the question asking around these parts.)