When Jim left the NY State OMIG, he sent a letter to agency staff, which included that when he was appointed to the position of Medicaid Inspector General, his charge was to take the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General in a new direction, one that would strengthen the work of the office. As Advize has expanded our footprint – in the New York payer space and beyond – as a leading payment integrity vendor, we have worked hard to add the subject matter experts to help our clients reduce monetary loss and making payments correctly the first time. 

We managed to stop Jim and ask him a few hard hitting journalistic questions…

What were you doing before you joined Advize?

Honestly, not much.  Remember, it was the dreaded COVID years!  Seemed like we were always needed to help out with the grandchildren at one house or another.

Covid? Never heard of it. What brought you to Advize? Did Jeanmarie force you to work here and why is the answer yes?

Haha, I received a couple of calls from Jaysen and Eric regarding my willingness to get back in the game.  I finally said NO.  Then the next day, (surprise) I received a call from Jeanmarie.  She definitely knows how to sell!  So, here I am.

That’s a bingo! So, that reminds me, when was the last time you worked really hard?

Hard or smart?  The last time I worked hard was helping my son-in-law build a large barn.  It was an awesome experience!

Right on, barns are cool. What do you like to do when you aren’t building stuff?

My favorite activity by far is cooking for my family.  I love it when we can get the grandchildren together and just watch the interaction among the three boys and two girls.

Besides the family visits, I love to sail (on anything), golf (I still suck) and watch horseracing.

Lightning Round! āš”

Dogs or Cats? Cats

Cake or Pie? Pie

Hamburger or Taco? Burger

Blue or Red? Blue

Pancake or Waffle? French Toast!

Ninjas or Pirates? Pirates, matey!

Last TV show you binged? Yellowstone

Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee? Hot coffee

Thanks again, Jim, and good luck on your golf game.

More information included here: https://www.prweb.com/releases/2023/1/prweb19097907.htm