Got a chance to hassle one of Advize’s newest team members, Mr. Joseph Croce. Here’s how the interrogation went…

What were you doing before you joined Advize?

I was a health care fraud investigator for UnitedHealthcare.

How did you and Advize “find each other”? Did Jeanmarie force you to work here? It’s ok you can tell me.

Charlie Meyer (past co-worker at two different companies) presented me with an offer to come for work Advize.

When was the last time you worked incredibly hard?

My last day at UHC.

So, what do you like to do in your free time, like when you aren’t investigating stuff?

I enjoy drawing, I deal in collectable comic books. I enjoy fly fishing and golf when the weather is right. And spending time with my family.

Dogs or Cats?

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs.

Cake or Pie?


Hamburgers or Tacos?


Blue or Red?

Blue (my preference since my career in law enforcement)

Pancake or Waffle?

Rockaway pancakes

Ninjas or Pirates?


Last TV show you binged?

In From the Cold (Netflix)

Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee?

Hot even on a hot summer day.

That’s it! Thanks to Joe for being a good sport and welcome to the team!