Have you done a tv show inspired trip to a particular city or town yet?  For me, I would love to go to Lillehammer and visit all of the Little Steven Van Zandt places.  I enjoyed this show so much and always wanted to go to Norway but now I have a particular location to set my sights on.  If you haven’t seen this show, watch it before it leaves Netflix next month.

This week I spent a few hours in the Miami airport during a layover and it made me think back to a trip I took last year.  During the pandemic, while staying in the house and not traveling like I typically do, I inhaled different series.  One of which was Miami Vice.  First of all, I had no idea how much this show did for the city of Miami.  I decided to take a drive from Orlando to Miami and go to all of the places I could that were on the show and basically take a Miami Vice inspired trip. 

First off, Jeannie Cusamano (of The Sopranos Episode 13) is played by Saundra Santiago who was in Miami Vice as Detective Gina Calabrese – so of all the things I enjoyed about watching this 80s show like seeing the beginning of many stars career like Julia Roberts – what I loved the most was seeing the early years of Jeannie Cusamano.

Enough of that, my favorite things to do in Miami:

Sport – Jai-alai  – although it is hard to find a functioning fronton, I found a venue that was free in Magic City Casino in Miami.

Fun Spot – South Beach – fun for a walk and always beautiful hotels and restaurants.

Hotel Pool – Delano Beach Club – a bit expensive but fun cocktails and very pretty view and cabanas.

Restaurant – Poseidon Greek Boutique Seafood – the best octopus and scallops I’ve ever had.

By: Jeanmarie Loria