Moment of Mindfulness

September 22, 2023

Continuing with our mindfulness series from last week, today, we bring you a quote from Jeanmarie Loria, our CEO, who became a yoga instructor several years ago.

“During the quarantine days of COVID, I was lucky enough to lead my mom and best friend in a yoga hour to pause. Something that neither of us does well is practicing a stilling of our minds. My mom and I are the same, constantly moving and doing, but something we have worked on together is getting closer to samadhi, the last stage of the eight-part discipline that is Ashtanga yoga. Samadhi refers to the complete stilling of the mind that allows the individual to be unified with the cosmic. SAMADHI is also known as Bliss or Enlightenment.

After we’ve reorganized our relationships with the outside world and our inner selves, we come to the finale of bliss. I wish everyone reading this newsletter to focus on quieting your mind and achieving your bliss/enlightenment.”

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