Nap Ford Community School in Orlando, FL graciously opened its doors to the Advize Health team, giving us the opportunity to collaborate with both the teachers and the students. After spending some time observing the enthusiastic educators in a classroom setting, we were swept up by inspiration and excitement to teach the students a few lessons during their gym class. Nap Ford Community School and Advize Health hold the same beliefs in wellness, health, and the importance of education – and we believe that this is why our community outreach efforts with Nap Ford continue to be enriching and enlightening for all parties. Nap Ford Community School believes that all children should have access to a well-rounded and holistic educational experience. A well-round education is focused on academics, wellness, and encouragement that provides all students the chance to succeed and thrive. Advize Health was honored to spread our core values with the children through a series of stretching techniques and mindfulness exercises. The message of positivity, kindness, and health was well-received by the children during the course of our three-class stint.

Our Quality Assurance Auditor and Registered Yoga Teacher, Melissa Jewett, lead the children through a circuit of stretching exercises. Members of the Advize Health team were scattered around the gym, interacting with small groups of students and demonstrating the poses in order to ensure proper form. These exercises were accompanied by positive affirmations and messages of kindness to engage the minds of the students while they exercised their bodies. The children appreciated the opportunity to have a unique gym class, and competed amongst themselves to determine who could make the most creative variations of each pose. The large gymnasium was full of laughter from our team and the students alike.  Melissa walked around the bustling gym as she taught, modifying, correcting, and praising the form of each student.

Advize Health taught three classes, ending each session with a game and a lesson on kindness. The energy radiating from the children invigorated our staff and kept us buzzing long after our visit to the school had ended. The Advize Health team went to Nap Ford Community School for our Day of Care, prepared to care for and educate the children – but we think we learned just as much.  We learned that when you reach out, there will always be someone willing to reach back. We learned that community outreach means reaching into yourself, not just the world in order to make a difference.