A message from our Managing Director, Jeanmarie Loria.

Good afternoon friends, and Happy New Year.

I wish you and your loved ones all the best this year and decade.

When I was a kid, my New Year’s tradition was to watch the Twilight Zone with my family. Now, that tradition has evolved into me watching the Twilight Zone while writing the Advize Team an email about the previous year and goals for the upcoming year.

As I have shared in previous emails, we are shifting our attention and focus to more meaningful and impactful healthcare matters. If you read this blog weekly, you know that we closely watch trending healthcare fraud issues. We keep seeing the same things every single year. The fraud schemes change minutely, but the psychology behind the fraud does not.

We continue to brainstorm how we can change the direction of this conversation for the better, to help those who are most impacted by the healthcare fraud, waste and abuse crisis. We recently worked a pro bono project with a student who received a hospital bill that was incorrect and hard to understand.

Our goal was to help this student, who was afraid of ruining their credit, that opted to engage in a payment plan to pay down their medical debt. They were set to spend a lot of their hard-earned money, and we were able to intervene and challenge the incorrect charges. This is something we set out to do with anyone who reaches out for help regarding questionable billing practices.

If you have a story about healthcare gone wrong, whether it be you, a friend, or family member – feel free to reach out to us. Advize Health is committed to fighting fraud and improving health literacy. If you have a bill that you have questions about, or if you feel it needs to be examined more closely – reach out to us.

We are here to help.

-Jeanmarie Loria