Wood and Lawn are not necessarily associated with concrete and traffic.  My friends who live and work in the city love to get out to the country every once in a while but the country is usually the Poconos or upstate New York, not Woodlawn, MD.  So what are these two New Yorkers shown here doing in Woodlawn and where is exactly is this?!

The History of Woodlawn: Covering an area of 9.6 miles, Woodlawn is a town with a low population and is  famous for being the headquarters of the Social Security Administration.

So, SSA, is that why we go to Woodlawn?  You are getting warmer!  Yes, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is located here and according to Why is CMS in Baltimore?

The Social Security Act was signed in 1935, establishing the Old Age Benefits Program.  When Medicare and Medicaid were created under the Social Security Act in 1965, Medicare was the responsibility of the Social Security Administration (SSA) and Medicaid was the responsibility of the Social and Rehabilitative Service Administration (SRS).”

So long story short is CMS has brought me to Woodlawn for years.  In addition to meeting with clients and partners, I have been lucky enough to make great friends from this area and the surrounding towns.

Back to who these New Yorkers are in the picture…Well I think you know my face by now, I am the VP of Membership for NCMA Woodlawn and I am pictured (above) next to the President of our chapter, Mike Finkle.  Our event this past week was a great success as posted by Laura Drahan Bennett.

To find out more about our organization, please visit the NCMA Woodlawn website.

Finally this would not be a Come Fly With Me without a restaurant recommendation.  Salsa Grill right next to DD’s Discounts is a 2 minute drive from CMS and Martin’s West, the other staple of the area.  Salsa Grill has the best fajitas and is a great order out business.  You can grab a quick lunch there if you have time to go in, the ambiance isn’t the fanciest but the food and service are spectacular.

By: Jeanmarie Loria