On the 11th Day of Giving…

December 22, 2015

Breast Cancer

One of our Auditors, Mary Ireland (left), participated in the “Race for Hope” hosted by Canterbury Race Track in Shakopee, Minnesota. The Canterbury Race Track, which is a horse racing track, hosts this event every year.  Derby hats were made for the event and donated by various groups/stores and individuals, to raise money for The Hope Chest Emergency Assistance Program.

The Hope Chest’s mission is to provide immediate access to funds for emergent needs of local women, and their families, diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Hope Chest Emergency Assistance Program pays for rent, utilities, transportation and childcare. In addition, nutritious meals are provided through the Hope Chest Meals that Heal Program.

The Hope Chest has provided over $1,300,000 in support for more than 2,500 breast cancer patients and their families in the Twin Cities area.

The Hope Chest itself is an actual store, open to the public. They take in donations of clothing, furniture and household items. These items are sold and the money goes into the Hope Chest Emergency Assistance Program and supports the Hope Chest Meals that Heal Program.

The Hope Chest Emergency Assistance Program is very unique. The money is allocated throughout local hospitals and clinics. Any physician within a clinic or hospital, providing treatment to breast cancer patients, has direct access to the money. There is no paperwork to complete or approvals to be received. A physician that sees an emergent or immediate need can disburse funds immediately.

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