Our managing director, Jeanmarie Loria, shares the various types of data flowing through the healthcare eco-system and how it affects patient privacy.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

“Modern medicine has to deal with massive numbers of patients and the routes taken by patient data are often highly convoluted, complex and open to error. As the system currently stands, patient information is shared between what amounts to, a small eco-system of associated actors. These include: employers, lawyers, insurance companies, general practitioners, pharmacies and hospitals. The image below shows some work carried out to quantify the complexity of the data sharing eco-system – this shows the pathway of data when a simple blood test was ordered by a general practitioner.

This study, Communication Systems in Healthcare, was carried out back in 2006 by Enrico Coiera and since then the complexity has increased as new technologies such as Cloud systems and mobile devices have entered the arena.”

To read more, follow this link to Patient Privacy within a Complex Eco-System.