OIG Roundtable (Formerly Retro Fraud)
OIG Roundtable (Formerly Retro Fraud)
Episode 5: Healthcare Lawyer Lisa Taylor

In this week’s episode of Retro Fraud, Eric speaks with Attorney Lisa Taylor. Lisa is an extremely experienced healthcare regulatory, transactional and compliance lawyer. Eric and Lisa worked together on the federal monitorship of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ).

UMDNJ was the first state operated organization to be subject to a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA). That DPA included the installation of a federal monitor to oversee many of the compliance issues that were uncovered during the investigation that led to the DPA. Lisa was the main point of contact for the monitor, and Eric was the OIG case agent on all of the cases that evolved from that monitorship. Eric and Lisa have a great discussion about those cases and the importance of good corporate citizenship.