FastCompany recently published an article on hiring and managing a workforce that is almost exclusively remote.  The article mentions the corporate benefits of hiring remote workers, from employing intrinsically motivated employees, to recognizing job performance based on results rather than time.  Building a team of geographically dispersed employees requires structure, and communication is essential to a thriving remote business model – one that creates a business culture that is beneficial to both employers and employees. 

The Advize Health management team is perpetually grateful to work with a group of diverse, self-motivated individuals from all over the country.  The collective culture created by hard workers from an array of locations brings holistic perspective to the industry and best practices of coding and auditing for all medical specialties.  Managing a remote workforce has encouraged all of us to become more effective communicators, practicing both verbal and written skills throughout the workday. 

We are an incredibly goal oriented company. 

Having a remote team that can operate on their own schedule may appear daunting to some employers, but the quality of work completed by our auditors is second-to-none.

Our employees, from our project managers to our coders and auditors, largely work remotely. Not only do coders and auditors from around the country offer Advize unique perspective on regional coding trends and problems – but they also provide creative ways of correcting these problems and creating great educational content. 

Remote management has done wonders for Advize’s workflow and client satisfaction, but it has also done great things for our remote workers.

Our employees can take advantage of the world around them, as demonstrated by our #FreedomToCallMyOwn campaign.  The flexibility offered by working remotely prevents professional stagnation – as our auditors can change their environment, travel, and absorb new and fresh surroundings, while performing their duties.  The ability to relocate to a new location every day boosts morale, and promotes employee wellness.  If an employee is auditing a large batch of records and wants to refocus after a walk outside – they have the opportunity to do so, on their own terms. 

Cultivating communication among remote workers allows for fun, open dialogue between co-workers, and can provide everyone on the team with a more open perspective, both personally and professionally. 

The benefits of remote management and employment are countless, and Advize is proud to take advantage of this innovative hiring method, while creating a connected, efficient workforce.