Next week, the Orange County Convention center will be loud and bustling for HIMSS20. It’s no surprise, considering 40,000 people will be attending the enormous conference, which just so happen to be the place to be for HIT. HIMSS20 will undoubtedly prove to be at the center of some incredible thought leadership and innovation – but is it the right place to build a last business relationship? Conferences have a proven track record of being places of professional match making, but the larger they are, the more difficult it becomes to communicate effectively.

This is bound to happen when you combine 40,000 people buzzing with excitement, with product demos, educational sessions, and client receptions. Couple the crowds and their auditory distractions with an overwhelmed WiFi (that for some reasons works best near the press rooms…) – and you’ve gotten yourself into a situation that could result in some serious miscommunications.

There’s no need to worry.

Don’t be afraid to take a break from conference festivities and take your client, connection, or lead to another location for an hour or two. Orlando is full of coffee shops, restaurants, and 24-hour diners for the nocturnal networker. If you’re looking for the sweet sound a solitude, a glass of wine, or a good old fashioned meal with a new business connection – we’ve got the hookup. These tried and true destinations are close to the convention center and are begging for your patronage.

  1. Did you know? Waking up with (or before) the sun allows executives like AOL’s Tim Armstrong and Pepsi’s Indra Nooyi to get a head start on the day, knocking out tasks before the rest of the world has rolled out of bed. Successful client meetings can happen as the sun rises.

  1. If I’m curt with you, it’s because time is a factor. I think fast, I talk fast. The Wolf would go to the B-Line 24-hour diner, and you should too.  It is well lit, has a great menu and is perfect for meetings around the clock.

  1. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant has a great menu that won’t break the bank and isn’t too noisy.

  1. Hilton Orlando Gym: for the health conscious contact. Meet on the treadmill at night rather than going to that extra party and loading up on decadent snacks.