The ecosystem of a professional environment is truly the sum of all its parts.  Effort from all members of the workforce community creates a feedback loop that is essential to a thriving business.  The mechanics of this infrastructure will then branch out, making contributions that feed surrounding ecosystems.  For Advize Health, our ecosystem revolves around auditing medical records and detecting fraud, waste, and abuse.  The results that we yield are then absorbed into a larger world – the behemoth healthcare landscape.  We work hard to develop relationships between our auditors and other employees, because we know the importance of collaboration. 

It is because of the contributions of our auditors and medical coders that we are a successful, growing business.  The Advize Health team is comprised of top-notch certified professional coders who specialize in a vast array of specialties.  It is here that collaboration and teamwork mean the most.   It is common for auditing firms to experience massive influxes of claims requiring revision from a multitude of providers.  While these waves of activity may appear daunting, our auditors handle their work with grace and precision, because they are aware that they have a team full of knowledgeable and ready-to-help auditors to support them. 

Collaborative culture is important for any business, but it is especially imperative that all healthcare workers be willing to cooperate with their peers.  Healthcare is an extremely communicative field, and in order for coders and auditors to protect patients, providers, and the integrity of the healthcare system – we must protect, nurture, and educate one another. 

Take it from one of our auditors, who praised the environment we’ve created:

“Collaborating with the most intelligent people always willing to help one another takes the stress off our everyday jobs, we strive as a team to make a difference that we are all proud of.” 

This is the attitude and positivity we wish to cultivate in all of our employees, and we hope that every professional experiences productive collaboration in the workplace, and in all aspects of their lives.  Collaboration isn’t just getting assistance or brainstorming, it’s actively contributing to the various ecosystems of life by recognizing that only growth can come from branching out.