When things don’t work out with your treatment, you can cry to your doctor or insurance, you can complain, but nothing will change. Similar to sitting on the tarmac for close to three hours because people were not available to unload bags from your plane.

I should explain.

Lately I have been looking at how closely airlines and the entire industry surrounding planes and airports mimics hospitals, doctors and insurance companies.  When you have bad customer service, what can you really do to move the needle?

The other night I should have been home by midnight. My flight was delayed an hour and then after we landed we sat on the plane for nearly 3 hours.  Did I say I will never fly Frontier again? Nope. I walked into my house at 4:30am, a full 4 and half hours later than anticipated, took a nap and when I woke up, I answered emails and proceeded to book more travel, of course I booked a Frontier flight – because it was the only option to get to my client when I had to be there.

Coming out of Covid we are seeing monopolistic flight options and we are still signing up for the flights. There are less flight options and people to work the flights. On my 6th flight of 9 for the week, I flew from Portland to Las Vegas on Sunday night and had to tell Southwest how much I love them and how much they are just like what I learned in business school – all the case studies were right and how transparency is my favorite.

The kind Southwest staff told me that they are so short staffed at that airport because marijuana is legal but the airlines still require drug tests and they cannot get anyone to work there. So is the lack of staff because of this post pandemic economy and social reaction of everyone needing and wanting to get back in the air? Either way, supply and demand is a relationship that never changes.

When my hospital that is closest to my house overcharges me, I throw my hands up, get upset and have a lot to say but when I am having a heart attack, that is the only place I am going because it is closest to my house.

Enjoy this picture of how Spirt handles customer service.  Your flight simply gets canceled. Not trying to help rebook you or putting you on the next flight, just simply canceled. I loved waking up to this email and then having to scramble to get on the next necessary flight. In the last 4 weeks, this has happened 5 times to me with Spirit and Frontier.

Jeanmarie Loria (LinkedIn | Twitter)