As we all know, medical coding can be a fast-paced, high-intensity job, and with that comes high stress. A typical coder has a bulky workload and is responsible for ensuring that they are up-to-date with industry changes. Furthermore, the majority of coders wear several different hats in their practice, some including being the biller, manager, and sometimes the doctor/provider.

Here are the top 5 health benefits of yoga that can aide coders:

  1. Yoga provides an emotional health boost. After working all-day and coding for hours, it’s vital to relieve your stress and yoga is the best option for this. Yoga relaxes your body and helps to relieve stress while still providing a workout as well as an emotional health boost to recharge after a long day.
  1. Yoga helps to eliminate back pain. It’s easy to experience back pain after sitting at a desk coding for a long period of time. By attending a yoga class 3 times a week, it can help to eliminate this pain altogether by increasing flexibility and decreasing disability.
  1. Yoga helps fight heart disease, asthma, and arthritis. This form of physical activity helps to increase your capacity for exercise, improve your health overall, and enhance overall quality of life. Even though being a coder is a high-intensity job, it’s still important to make time for yoga or any form of physical activity at the end of the day.
  1. Yoga helps boost memory by helping you to organize your thoughts better. When working on several different projects, it’s easy to forget some details, but by regularly practicing yoga, you can organize your thoughts better, which can translate into more organized work.
  1. Yoga is an insomnia buster and has been proven to be the best cure to getting a good night sleep. It helps to increase circulation in the body as well as calm the body and mind. Being responsible for a heavy workload can sometimes keep your mind wandering all hours of the day, but by practicing yoga regularly, you can help to put your mind at rest after a long day at the office. When practitioners meditate, or reach a meditative state during yoga practice, your pineal gland (found in your brain) produces melatonin. Melatonin is used as natural sleep aid and many insomniacs rely on taking this aid.   Tip: Meditate before bed