Advize Health had the honor of attending NHCAA’s Annual Training Conference (ATC) in Atlanta, GA earlier this month. The ATC is widely-regarded as the most important assembly against healthcare fraud, where attendees explore fraud schemes, trends, and best practices for identification, investigation, and prosecution of fraud-related offenses. The conference, which was in operation over the course of three days, allowed attendees the opportunity to attend workshops, keynotes, and concurrent sessions on the prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse in healthcare. A steady conference highlight is the ATC Anti-Fraud Expo, where fraud-fighting companies host booths to demonstrate their products, network, and actively participate in the ongoing anti-fraud discussion.

Advize Health’s Managing Director and Chief Information Officer (Jeanmarie Loria, Erik Consorsha, respectively), were pleased to present attendees with a unique booth during the Anti-Fraud Expo that explained Advize Health’s conference budget. This groundbreaking sign detailed the allocations made to fight fraud more effectively. In the image below, you’ll see that Advize Health’s marketing budget was donated to the industry in order to deliver better tools and quality at $0-cost. Advize accomplished this by:

  • Performing medical documentation audit pilots for free, saving over $2 million in recoveries.
  • Hiring coding experts and auditors who follow medical necessity guidelines.
  • Delivering free education to the healthcare community, and the creation of a free audit tool: E/M Calculator.



Advize Health NHCAA 2016 Booth

ATC’s Anti-Fraud Expo was a home to several booths like our own, each offering services and technologies designed to fight healthcare’s FWA problem. Solutions proposed by exhibitors were very much aligned with the very issues highlighted during conference sessions – illuminating both the prominence of fraudulent trends and the collective consciousness of healthcare fraud investigations. Among notable tools is Healthcare Fraud Shield’s RxShield, which helps detect prescription fraud.

The opportunity to collaborate, exchange ideas, and strengthen relationships left Advize with a renewed sense of vigor in the fraud-fighting space. It quickly became evident that while Advize is constantly exposed to FWA during audits and consultations, sometimes a fresh environment and a cacophony of ideas from both familiar and distant peers is exactly what’s needed to catalyze change.