This is an actual experience from one of our Advize Health employees.

This morning I went to the doctor’s office and the entire mood of the office was different. The staff including the nurses, doctors, and PA’s was panicking and many of them appeared to be upset. Why is this?  It is October 2, 2015, which is the day after the ICD-10. According to the majority of the staff, “This is like the Apocalypse”.

As the patient, I had to wait more time for them to look up the codes to try to figure out what to charge before I could leave the exam and get to work. This also prevented the staff members from getting to their next patients quickly. Unfortunately, this will be a trend that many patients will be seeing and experiencing over the next several months as doctors offices, hospitals, and all medical professionals are adjusting the ICD-10 implementation that just took place on October 1st .

Throughout my appointment, I heard several members of the staff complaining about ICD-10 and its recent implementation. Here are some quotes from everyone including my PA, blood technician and lead physician of the practice:

  • “Hypertension isn’t just hypertension anymore”
  • “It’s here and we are not ready”
  • “I hate @#$%^&* this ICD-10”
  • “We sent in 5 pages of wrong codes that were rejected yesterday…just yesterday”

Stop wasting your time. If you have questions about ICD-10 codes; call us at 813-400-1119 or send us a message