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Cover Your (Data) Bases: Recap

Late last month, Advize Health’s Managing Director, Jeanmarie Loria teamed up with Regine Bonneau of RB Advisory LLC to deliver a presentation on IT Inventory and standard security measures. This webinar was free to all attendees and included a discussion on the importance of IT Inventory, and the technologies available to help organizations maintain their…

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When You Give, You Get

“Diversity and inclusion are central to the vision, strategy, and success of Advize Health. We strive to attract and retain talented and diverse people and suppliers, while creating an inclusive, productive, and respectful environment where all employees can contribute to their fullest potential.” The declaration above is the Advize Health Mission Statement, one that remains…

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Advize Health’s IT Inventory Webinar

Advize is here advise you! Please join Advize Health on June 22nd, 2017 for an exclusive webinar on the importance and execution of a successful IT Inventory for your organization. Business owners are well aware of the importance of maintaining stock inventory – but very few have an understanding of how important it is to…

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