“Diversity and inclusion are central to the vision, strategy, and success of Advize Health. We strive to attract and retain talented and diverse people and suppliers, while creating an inclusive, productive, and respectful environment where all employees can contribute to their fullest potential.”

The declaration above is the Advize Health Mission Statement, one that remains congruent with our mission, values, and core principles. We strive for representative diversity not only within our workforce, but within each individual team member’s skillsets. We have found that the more we encourage and promote diversity, the more we thrive as a business. Perhaps this is because an inter-sectional perspective on community, operations, and development allows us to witness “the big picture”, or perhaps it’s simply because diversity boosts morale.

If you’ve viewed the Advize website, you might be able to identify a diverse selection of services. Medical record auditing, CEU Subscriptions, IT Advisory Services, Education…you name it – we deliver. The diversity that exists within our suite of services is also representative of our efforts within the community.

We subscribe to the adage, “Give it, get it, or get off.”

This means that we either deliver massive value and ROI, help an organization get ROI through advisory services, or we get off the project when we feel we cannot provide value. This mirrors our operational school of thought as well, and it has been an invaluable asset in serving the community. Advize is committed to not just giving back to others, but to working with the community to create sustainable solutions. This means that we’re willing to use brain power to strategize, and muscle to execute.

Last year, Advizers from the C-suite all the way across the board to interns worked together at Nap Ford Community School to promote wellness in an underserved community.

We recently enlisted our CFO to work with a local Orlando organization to help get kids off the streets and into more stable environments. By lending an integral member of our leadership, we were able to make introductions with clients and contacts to enact real change.

Our efforts have only continued to grow more impactful and diverse, as our team has become more involved and our vision for community inclusion has improved.

We were granted the privilege of performing an IT Assessment to a local branch of a national non-profit. We treated our efforts in securing organization data as a full-fledged Advize Health project with one true intention; to help. The project, which required about 4 weeks of work helped to solidify the non-profit’s technological devices, staffing, and workflow processes. A few short weeks after the project had been completed, the Florida-based Advizers traveled to Orlando to help build a physical structure for the organization.

This month, we’ve taken this diverse project a step further and are delivering a webinar on IT Inventory for non-profit organizations, and other firms with limited budgets. In a world of chaos, malware, and ill-intention, we strive to be the helpers.

If you missed the live event, contact us for information on viewing the recorded session.