Advize Health has been headquartered in Tampa for years, but most of our executive leadership team resides in Orlando. Our Managing Director, Jeanmarie Loria, has lived and working in the Orlando area for more than 15 years. Over the years Jeanmarie has cultivated valuable relationships, and feels lucky enough to have a platform on which she can share her experiences with these connections. After much thought and consideration, Jeanmarie has compiled a long list of Orlando connections that you should get to know, and why.

Today we will reveal just three of these individuals.

Avani Mehta-Desai


Think about every possible certification in our industry.  Chances are, Avani has it. Avani has been recognized as one of Consulting Magazine’s 30 Consultants Under 30 and was designated as the youngest person to make manager at KPMG while we were both working there. Avani has led and delivered over 300 IT Attestation reports and more recently has been focusing on emerging IT trends, and the risks associated with business effectiveness and compliance standards. Avani’ areas of expertise include IT risk management, social media, cloud computing, virtualization, and enterprise wide privacy. Beyond her incredible business acumen, she is one of the best connectors I have ever known, helping more people than I could ever count. Her efforts have led to hundreds of jobs for the people she’s met by connecting them to opportunities involving employment, resources, and organizations. She heads 100 Women Strong, which is a fabulous group that inspires women in Central Florida to become philanthropists and strategically help women in the community through collective giving.

Helene Abrams


More than a business mom to me, Helene has always been more than a friend to Advize, helping us every step of the way.  She gives so much of her knowledge and kindness to start ups, women-owned businesses and young entrepreneurs. As a well-known global leader and Subject Matter Expert on data, application, and process consolidation, Helene is credited with the conceptualization and architecture of a pioneering software product. This full service software is used for copying, filtering, merging and changing data, which has helping marquee organizations leverage the synergies of their existing software solutions. She was on the first female partners and E&Y, and has been my inspiration for years and years.

Stephen F. Smith


“I can handle things… I’m smart!”

I found myself screaming this line and the lines that followed from The Godfather with my dear friend and respected/trusted colleague at a lunch a little over a year ago.  Stephen has the best taste in movie genres, actors, and baseball teams.  He is someone I have always looked up to and admired.  As a top producer and a role model for others, he has helped transform the Vaco team in Orlando from a small firm into the leading recruiting firm in Central Florida. Stephen has helped place hundreds of professionals into amazing, life changing full-time opportunities.  He has been consistently ranked among the top sales professionals in the organization, earning Chairman’s Club Sales and President Club Awards.  Beyond his outstanding achievements professionally, he is truly a man of service and brings his best to the community.  He has helped introduce Advize to some of the best, most ethical business people in and outside of Orlando.  He is a connector’s connector and the Cary Grant of Business.