External auditors, or auditors who work for external auditing firms, are often trained in a variety of specialties and have experience in auditing for many different payers, providers, and facilities. Hiring an external auditor is extremely advantageous because they are equipped with knowledge and experience that allows them to not only identify problems, but to provide solutions for these problems. External auditors are accustomed to identifying high risk and potentially fraudulent billing practices, which means they will ensure that healthcare facilities and practices will be up to par in best practices and procedures.

Outlined below, you will see some of the benefits that can be realized when engaging and utilizing the services of an external auditor:

Cost Effective:

Reduces Overhead and Headcount; the business does not have to add to its fixed overhead or headcount, which saves money in the long run.


Objective opinion by an outside firm with no interest in the outcome ensures the integrity of the audit as truthful and correct.

Comprehensive Function:

It provides a comprehensive approach to establishing, directing and managing the entire audit function from start to finish.


It allows company staff to continue in their normal business activities. There is no disruption of typical workflow.


 An external auditor may have expertise that company staff members do not because they specialize in the field of medical record auditing.

New Ideas:

Hiring an auditor externally ensures your company will receive an influx of new ideas. Employees who have worked for a company for a long period of time are used to performing their duties in a routine manner.


External auditor’s time is dedicated to the task at hand and they are not distracted by every day operations related to running the company business.