Friday, August 18 | Noon EST

Join Advize Health and our Managing Director Jeanmarie Loria for an hour long discussion on Diversity in Health IT.

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Diversity has positioned itself at the forefront of social awareness for quite some time now, the apparent need for it heightened by the socio-political climate…but what exactly is diversity? Is it offering apples and oranges? Is it a mélange of people with different experiences and perspectives? Is it working to ensure that your practice or firm meets the standards of an equal opportunity employer? Diversity, in fact, is all of these things and more. Diversity is a noun, a controversy, a buzzword, and most importantly – a social responsibility that we as responsible citizens and harbingers of care should not take lightly.

Healthcare as an industry is inherently diverse, as both health and the subsequent care associated with it are universal needs. Accessibility, method of receipt, measures, and types of care may vary within each community – but the need for healthcare, of any kind, is an absolute. This is why the lack of diversity in healthcare and its peripheral work-forces is so perplexing. Diverse needs should equate to diverse solutions; especially where technology plays an integral role. Consider for a moment the diversity (or lack thereof) in the tech industry. Does it parallel healthcare’s own diversity problem? To an extent, yes.

Enter the world of Healthcare IT and you’ll observe a similar deficit. Healthcare IT, an industry born out of the need for diverse solutions in data sharing, patient privacy, and quality of care is progressive in its achievements with the implementation of EHR, the utilization of AI to improve care delivery, and efforts to protect private information, but there is always room for improvement.

This chat will facilitate a discussion on how diversity applies to Healthcare IT considering both the workforce and the technologies developed; and will examine perspectives on diversity in Healthcare IT from those who eat, sleep, and breathe it.

Questions we will explore in this week’s #HITsm chat include:

T1: What words or phrases come to mind when you hear the term “diversity”? #HITsm #Diversity

T2: How is Healthcare IT affected by diversity in any capacity, and have we already seen an impact on the industry from diversity initiatives? #HITsm

T3: How can diversity be leveraged to improve patient care and/or outcomes? #HITsm

T4: Has the recent push for diversity had any NEGATIVE impacts on Healthcare IT? #HITsm

T5: Which is more important to the goals of Healthcare IT: diverse technologies or diverse people? #HITsm

Bonus: Should diversity in Healthcare IT be heralded as a priority, and how is your firm working towards achieving that goal? #HITsm