Come Fly With Me: National Harbor

September 2, 2022

My Thursday started in Philly then Maryland, DC, Atlanta for a quick layover and then ended in Orlando.  What a day!

The highlight of that 5 city day was going back to Maryland again this week but only this time, the area was Fort Washington and some of the Advize team went for a panel put on by Matt and Eric on our team.

National Harbor DC Conference

If you missed the picture of these two from the conference in Baltimore, I have included the link here:

As soon as we arrived, we noticed the breathtaking views of the Potomac River and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. This area is a convention center hotspot with everything from shopping to a casino, vibrant carousel and a Ferris wheel.

Here is our rundown:

  • The Conference: 2022 IAFCI 54th Annual Training
  • Theme of Conference: “Safe Harbor from Fraud”
  • The Panel: Healthcare in the lost COVID Era
  • The Panelists: Justin Weitz (former AUSA), Special Agent in Charge, HHS-OIG Omar Perez (Miami Regional Office), Eric Rubenstein and Matt Kochanski 

Restaurants and places we enjoyed visiting:

  1. In the MGM, I felt like I was in Vegas and highly recommend the restaurant Ginger
  2. Great happy hour and ambience at Bond 45
  3. Seafood spot: Walrus Oyster & Ale
  4. Walking around this area was a fun time and we highly recommend it

Bonus: easy Uber to DCA and flexibility to go to other airports that are nearby.

By Jeanmarie Loria

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