Medical records can be requested for several reasons, with the most common being a) for litigation purposes, and b) for medical record reviews. These highly coveted bundles of documentation are the focal point of many insurance related trials, and of course, documentation reviews sanctioned by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and various health plans. And while the act of collecting medical records is the first of many steps required to yield a verdict or results, it can often be the most time consuming and difficult part of the entire process. When examining the scope of a case or audit project, it’s important to factor this in to your assessment.

Collecting the medical records will be a necessity, but you don’t have to be the one collecting them. Consider the cost of hiring Medical Record Technicians (MRTs), estimate time projections, and of course, think of the doctors, or even worse, their third-party record management companies. Physicians are never happy to read a Medical Records Request Letter. Your communications will more than likely be regarded as an infringement and reduces the time they get to spend with patients. If a physician keeps their documentation in-house, you should anticipate a waiting period. If the provider keeps their records with a third-party vendor – expect your waiting time to triple, and don’t be surprised when you receive a bill!

 Outsourcing will get you efficient, professional service that mitigates risk and meets all privacy standards.

Work smarter, not harder. If time is a hot commodity in your firm, then it’s recommended that you consider outsourcing to a professional record retrieval company. Record retrieval firms are solely dedicated to the efficient solicitation and collection of medical records. When a trained MRT collects medical records, whether it be via remote access, onsite, or through any of the various channels, you can rest assured that the records will arrive to you quickly and securely. The time saved on records collection, management, and transport will be directly applied to your bottom line – a win for all.

If time isn’t a concern – then security should be. Is your in-house staff capable of handling an abundance of medical records with the discretion required? Medical records management is a heavily regulated industry that must live up to the standards enacted by CMS, HIPAA regulations, state-wide rules, and the internal policies of providers and health plans alike. If your current staff is ill-equipped for the job, will it be fiscally responsible for you to attempt to contract new resources for the project? These risks could be deemed too great and diverse for time-sensitive projects.

Advize Health specializes in Medical Record Retrievals, both big and small. We have proudly served health plans across the nation collects medical records from thousands of doctors for audit, litigation, and everything in between.