As we transition into a new season, we’d love to share more about who we are, especially if you’re new to us. Thank you for being here.

This belief represents such an important part of what we offer and how we approach every challenge that comes along the way, and we are tremendously proud of it! (It is our secret sauce, Dionyse Fitzwilliam). In fact, if someone were to ask us: who are you? We would start with this.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Wood element is linked to the Spring season. Wood grows steadily and strongly with deep roots yet remains flexible. Here at Advize, we approach our journey with this same mentality, and we are proud of it! It sets us apart and defines who we are. We embody the essence of expertise and a detail-oriented mindset while embracing the freedom of a beginner’s mentality.

We know that every step we take leaves a footprint, and we are constantly reminded of the importance of mindfulness and the impact of our actions, no matter how small. Our culture thrives on innovation, rooted in the belief that growth is essential, and obstacles are opportunities for reinvention. Our very own Ashlee Heath, AHFI, CPC said it best: “Advize turns challenges into triumphs and builds success through partnership.

Failure is not feared but seen as a natural part of the process. It’s about how we handle setbacks, learn from them, and use them to fuel our progress. With each challenge, we grow stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to navigate the path ahead.

Jeanmarie Loria, MBA, PMP, CPC also said it best in her latest post: “We aren’t afraid of failure because we know that if and when things go wrong, it is about how we handle them, learn from them, fix them, and how we do better next time.

As we welcome the energy of spring, we want to inspire you to embody the qualities of the Wood elementā€”steadfastness, flexibility, and boundless growth with no fixed goal but to listen, expand, and adapt. This is the spirit of innovation, continual learning, and an unshakeable belief in trusting the process as we chart new territories. It’s all that is needed when creating our own success stories.

PS: To keep celebrating the season of new beginnings and growth, we want to share with you a little secret: our new website is coming very soon, and we cannot wait to show you.

By Chia Gemmato

– – –

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