Assess your knowledge of Evaluation and Management while taking our free E/M Calculator for a test drive! Review the below patient notes and plug the appropriate information into our audit tool.

History of Present Illness (HPI)

A 12 year old female patient is experiencing auditory hallucinations, severe head pain, and is presenting with abnormal posture.  Patient has open lesions on face and hands with skin discoloration and has experienced incontinence since onset of auditory hallucinations. Excessive projectile vomiting. When I examined patient during physical exam 3 months ago, she was not experiencing any of these symptoms. This is the first episode reported by the patient and her family. No T/A/D. Patient denies weakness despite abnormal posture. 101.3F fever has appeared periodically for past 7 days.

Allergies: NKDA Current Medications: None


Constitutional: BP 140/90 mmHg, Pulse 88, Resp 18, Pulse Ox 98%. Pt does not appear well-groomed.

Neck: Supple, no jugular venous distention, no lymphadenopathy

Respiratory: Normal breath sounds, no SOB

Skin: Ulcers on cheeks and arms, lacerations on arms

Medical Decision Making (MDM)

Assessment: Hallucinations, headache, open wounds, face/hands

Plan:  MRI brain, psych consult

Return after tests done.

Electronically signed by Dr. Klein

What were your audit results?

Bonus: Which classic horror film is our patient from?